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Updates on REVR

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In the coming months 2x V3 motors will be assembled and tested

We will rebuild our workspace to be better and less flammable...

If all goes well we will begin organising test vehicles towards eoy.




Our workspace burnt down...

A lithium battery was left charging and caused a fire in our workspace destroying our tools and the REVR v2 motor prototype. ​Half the neighbourhood got woken up at 2am by the sound of lipo cells exploding and the firefighters. 

Our Bambu lab p1p sent a final message just before the fire destroyed it:(. This has set us back a little, we are just working out what is insured. If you'd like to speed up REVR i've added a paypal link->>

100% of this goes to materials and equipment.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


REVR V2 produces 300Nm torque!

After doing some initial tests with sensorless control we got hall effect sensors working on the motor. Motor was able to pickup a large weight over a 2m span producing just shy of 300NM at 280A. This was with a quite large airgap to account for manufacturing issues. With the original design airgap of 1.5mm the motor should produce double the torque. Weight of this prototype was 15KG, up next will be <12kg.


REVR V2 spins!

After a lengthy assembly process involving alot of soldering, bending and screwing the motor is up and running so we can begin testing!


REVR V2 parts arrive

Coils, magnets, cores and lottts of machining is finished so we can beging assembling the next REVR prototype.


JDA top 20 and AU National Winer

Good front cover image of me.jpg

REVR  made it way further than we expected it to and we got some media attention!


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